Monday, January 25, 2016

National Review: A True(?) Reflection of Conservatism

National Review: A True(?) Reflection of Conservatism

So ... Last week the National Review magazine published several rants by various pointy headed "intellects" about Trump NOT being a true conservative and how us hoi paloi should get behind a creature of their own choosing.

True, it's not like we could actually make an intelligent choice and keep being saddled with what these "true believers" think we should have non-representing us.A run away electorate is definitely not to their liking and it would be best for one and all to keep herding along with their vision of the future and contribute to the scene they dictate.

Yeah ... RIGHT!

So what if El Donaldo isn't a "true conservative"? At least he makes no bones about it or hides it.

Yes ... He probably won't (Or can't legally.) put a complete halt to Muslim "immigration" or execute some of the "solutions" to other things he's mentioned.

He probably can't do a lot of the things he says he will but he at least doesn't say these things with too straight a face. Yes, he (To me anyway.) does look like he's giving a knowing wink at you when he says these things, but you KNOW he really does have intentions on doing SOMETHING positive about the situation (Unlike Paul Ryan and company declaring then folding and retreating.). We're just gonna' have to see what form it will take.

Yes, he has admitted to indulging in "crony capitalism" (As opposed to the crony capitalism espoused by neo-cons.), but, as explained by him, it was as a means to coping with government restrictions/interference in his doing business and trying to get things done. Keep in mind, if it wasn't for CRONY SOCIALISM, there wouldn't be a need for crony capitalism.

As for these Sowells, Bozo-ells, Kristols, Charens and other would-be Buckleys ... They're not conservatives either (I tend to leave out Glenn Beck as he has written an excellent little primer about the menace of Islam titled, It IS About Islam.).

A neo-conservative is nothing more than a liberal calling itself a conservative.


1. Like libs they believe the global economy is more important than the U.S. economy.

2. They're for mass immigration, not because "diversity is our strength" (Never was.) but because they want cheap labor (Whereas the left wants cheap votes.)

3. While cons vary with the left about our military they're both in accord that it should be used for purposes other than for what it's for: The protection and preservation of the citizens and sovereignty of the ... get this ... THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Yeah ... THOSE United States.

5. They believe a manipulated economy is better than a strong economy. When the market is good, their wallets are good. When the markets are bad, their wallets are still good. Kind of like men and sex ... Even bad sex is still good.

6. Like the collectivists and materialists they are, the individual is nothing more than an economic unit whose value is measured in how he/she is worth in contributing to that collective and how they view as their universe. After all we're just in it.

Of course, as is obvious, I'm for Trump. But ... No matter who gets the GOP nomination ... Get off your ass on election day and vote for whoever the Republicans have running against that crazy broad or that grandfatherly noodnick. Even that worthless Kasich is better than what the Dems want to further inflict on the world!

Yeah ... Somebody mis-spelled but I still like it.

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