Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Islam In Six Paragraphs

The Farooks ... ugly little people ... UGLY ... LITTLE ... MINDS.

Islam In Six Paragraphs

The so-called Peaceful Muslims CANNOT speak out against the jihadists. They CANNOT condemn the violence, nor the terrorism, nor can they stand against the jihadists. Their scriptures are quite clear, the peaceful Muslims must not stop another Muslim from fulfilling the Koran. And the Koran demands the eradication of ALL other religions, and they must murder all believers of other faiths or force them into Islam. They must bring all of mankind under the rule of Islamic Sharia.

No, the peaceful Muslims, are merely allowing the terrorists to do the heavy lifting for them, in following the Koran's directives. This isn't a matter of a minority of individuals abusing religious scripture for personal gain and power. This is 1/4 of an entire belief system actively following their scripture towards world domination.

Even then, all converts must still be treated like second class citizens, because they weren't born into Islam. The torture, rapes, assaults and murders won't stop, even if they do succeed in bringing all of mankind under Islam. Their scriptures direct them to continue the abuse of those who were 'merely' converted to Islam under duress.

It doesn't matter what Higher Power you pray to: you are the enemy of Islam. It doesn't matter that your belief system teaches tolerance of others; you are the enemy of Islam. It doesn't matter what laws a nation has that afford Islam the right to worship; that Law is still the enemy of Islam. There can be no other law than Sharia.

This isn't a knee jerk reaction of forcing Muslims into interment camps wearing badges of shame. This is war against an enemy who is using our very laws against us; This is a war against an enemy who will not stop until our nation, our laws and our people- Including You- are either converts to Islam or dead. Their scripture demands they do this; you will lose this argument every time.

There will be no peace, no co-existence, until Islam has it's own Reformation that completely eradicates all scriptures and beliefs of intolerance and world wide domination. There is absolutely NO indication of that happening -- not ever.

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  1. Hey Jay;

    I tell people" You want to see how Islam colonizes....Look at Lebanon. Beirut was the Paris of the middle east during WWII and after. Once the Palestinians that got kicked out of Jordan moved to Lebanon and they used the political process against the Lebanese and now there is civil war. The same will happen here once they get control of the political process.