Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Evangelion 3.33: Mr. Anno, I Am Disappoint


Evangelion 3.33: Mr. Anno, I Am Disappoint

Oh! Gosh! Golly! ... JUMPIN' JEEKERS! ... Evangelion 3.33 had arrived! Couldn't wait, even WITH baited breath. What with the HUGE delay with the voice over corrections and all ...

Turns out I should have ...

If I had seen it in the theaters a couple years back I could have saved my dough ... as it is ...

I have no idea what the heck I just watched. I'm sure I've lost an IQ point or two as I feel dumber for having viewed it.

I know it had something to do with the Eva franchise ... At least SOME of it looked like it might.

Vague, lotsa' psychobabble ...

Artwork and execution ... Ugly ... either too bright or too dark ... at times could hardly see what the hell was going on. The choppy, stroboscopic editing  ... annoying ... distracting ... adding even more to the confusion. Why go to all that work in character design, artwork and animation only to screw it up by flashing "snips"? You might as well draw still pictures and riffle them in the camera lens.

Character designs ... also ugly. Ritsuko Akagi looked like ... Well ... We now know who's the masculine role in her relationship with Maya. Misato ... Couldn't be sure if that was her with the face being obscured by that collar, glasses and drum majorettes' cap.

And that stupid looking vulture-like plane/airship/spaceship ... whatever the heck it was.

The sound was either too LOUD or too low ... was constantly adjusting volume.

In short ... An exercise in eyestrain, motion sickness and aggravation.

At least Kaworu wasn't allowed to gay it up too much. But then, the rest of the above gives the viewer a bad screwing.

Wasn't much of a story to it either.

Sorry Mr. Anno ... You thought you could dazzle with brilliance but you only ended up baffling with bullshit.

Too bad ... 1.11 and 2.22 were pretty good. If it weren't for those two, I'd be throwing this one out.

Hopefully 4.44 will make up for this mess. Maybe that one will be made in such a way as if 3.33 never happened. That way one can still have a complete trilogy

Maybe ...

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