Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obamas' "Gun Legislation": A Few Questions

Obamas' "Gun Legislation": A Few Questions

Do we have a president or a king?

Are we a nation of laws or of men?

Do we have a constitutional process for legislation or is it by decree?

I do NOT blame Obama. Like all other third world despots he's only doing what comes naturally. So ...

Do we have a Congress or do we have a "rubber stamp" committee?

Do we have real representatives in said Congress who (Unlike the "king".) will fulfill their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution or do we have a cowardly gathering of gutless wonders?

I hope it's the former or at least we acquire one in November.

For those rejoicing in your kings' recent decrees on gun control I ask:

Did it ever occur to you that this could later bite you in the ass?

Did you ever give any thought to the precedent that is being set?

Did you ever think what it may be like in the future when another king, one not to your liking, may come to power and rule by decree over you? Making "law" inimical and damaging to what you might hold dear?

Like most liberals and children, you think only for the moment and of the short term. The unintended consequences of your actions never come to mind until the moment they're staring you in face.

Enjoy your short term. The long one just might be a bitch.

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