Saturday, October 4, 2014

Yui Ikari: Anti-Christ

Yui Ikari: Anti-Christ

Was wandering around Google Image Search when I happened upon these demotivationals on Deviantart by Slyboyseth.

Yes ... Often wondered about that 'un. Daughter of a SEELE member. Did a secret thesis/study on exploiting info in "the apocrypha of the Dead Sea Scrolls" that SEELE latched onto. Had such a "love" of humanity that she wanted to help one and all by "advancing" it, so to speak.

Of course, not really knowing where "it" was going and that mankind, in effect, would be wiped out.

Ah yes ... altruists.

Don't do me any favors, lady.

Just sayin' ...

By the way ... "The anti-Christ" does NOT appear in the Book of Revelation (It is "the beast".). While is does appear in some newer translations that is only because the translator is either a lazy twit or has an agenda of some kind. That's what happens when rapture bunnies have had too many slices of peanut butter and anchovie pizza while reading Tim LaHaye fantasies.

Just sayin' THAT too ...

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