Friday, April 11, 2014

A Short Conversation With Evil

Pretty much describes liberals and liberalism.
Conservatives and conservatism not much better either.

A Short Conversation With Evil

I had a little talk with evil the other day. A person of my "aquaintance" and I had a chance discussion about various topics when the subject of internet freedom came up.

I mentioned the U.S. government/ICANN was going to hand over its' "control" of the internet to a United Nations governing body. You know the ... U.N. . That playpen of dictators, do-gooders and terrrorists operating on our dime.

As much as I DESPISE "our" government, I will say that it has pretty much had a hands off attitude in regard to free expression on the net. I mentioned this to her and stated the possibility of American websites being closed down if some foriegn "faction" or other gets its' nose out of joint because they don't like what's being said about them.

Her reply:

"Just watch what you say on the net."

I responded by saying the net is the last "frontier" of free expression  and the only thing one should fear on the net is someone demanding that one back up their statements with facts and ideas.

She concluded the discussion with her usual irrefutable, fact and idea filled, "winning" statement of arguments past:

"I don't wanna' hear it!"

This is what they say when they don't have the physical means to shut you up. Or at least when there isn't enough of them around to shout you down.

I absolutely HATE ... detest ... liberals and liberalism (Almost as much as conservatives and conservatism!). Not because they are and is but because they aren't and isn't.. How can one call oneself liberal and advocate taking away rights? They are the fascists they accuse everyone else of being. Hypocrisy becomes them.

Much to their delight, the greatest, most prosperous country ever is sinking to its' knees and into a socialist dark age. In their masochistic, self hating 'gasm' they drag us with them.

Due to their efforts, their "leaders" have delayed the consequences of their recent voting/actions thus postponing the effects of Obamacare until after the 2016 elections. Obamacare will eventually bring home the consequences of appealing to the something for nothing crowd as never before in the history of this country, and it is my fervent hope they feel it in FULL weight and measure.

They deserve what we're all gonna' get.

It will be interesting to see how they cope on part time pay due to the employer mandate keeping them from having a full time job with a single employer ... with a whopping MANDATORY monthly health insurance payment on top of it. The choice of meeting the monthly rent/mortgage OR the health insurance payment oughta' be fun.

Think about it. There are now laws on the books that will eventually prevent many from having a full time job in a single place of employment due to the employer mandate.

As for myself, if it comes to my having to do the monetary equivalent of making monthly payments on a new luxury car the rest of my life, then I'll just do without the health insurance and pay the yearly fine ... At least until the fine is more expensive than the insurance. I'd sooner pay the rent than be out on the street.

The age of low cost liberalism may be about over and the yelping from liberals, politicians and parasites may be a delight to hear. Maybe then it will hit home on enough of them to stop what they're doing and think a bit.

And no ... I'm not into "tough love" ... I'm into sadism. And these masochists will have no right to complain.

Ah! ... Schadenfreude ...

Just sayin' ...

It would be more accurate to have the liberal "wedgie" in the "Communitarian"
corner. After all, a liberal is nothing more than a communist without the courage
to kill for his beliefs.

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