Monday, April 14, 2014

The Butt Shot of Haruhi Suzumiya

Object in view may be larger than it appears. Open in new tab
for a "better" look. Possibly the best part of Endless Eight.

The Butt Shot of Haruhi Suzumiya

First a disclaimer:

No, I'm not getting this blog into ecchi or cheesecake and certainly not porn/hentai.

This is an experiment.

What I'm attempting is to see how effective renaming an illustration can be in aquiring blog hits.


When one is looking for a particular illustration, does he go to a search engine and enter 123xyz.jpg? Of course not. What he enters is what he's looking for. Character or actor name, title, scene description, and any other particulars he has in mind. If what he's looking for is named 123xyz.jpg, there's a good chance it's not going to come up and you'll be less one hit on your blog.

I rename any illustrations on this blog with as many particulars as possible so as to lead seekers here. As an example, right click any of  this articles' illustrations and open in new tab. You'll notice the "names" to be quite long. While this probably mainly attracts "picture snatchers" it: A. Gets me one more blog hit closer to the "head of the line" on search engines. A hit is a hit after all. And B. If at least one out of every ten seekers bothers to read the article the image is with then it's done its job.

Oh yes. I also load up a blog post with as many relevant labels as possible.

An "animated" gif for you.

As an aside, I chuckle every time I try to "snatch" a picture somewhere else and a "warning" pops up condemning me as a "leacher" or some such. Kind of makes me wonder how HE got the image in the first place. Maybe it just happened to appear in his downloads file for no particular reason. Suuuuuure ...

As we all know, sex "sells". Certainly in anime and as any anime fan knows, the Haruhi Suzumiya character is still a hot property even though the show has ceased airing several years now. I thought that in using this particular illustration from the show, I can get a good idea of how effective the renaming of a picture can be.

HEY! ... Watchu' lookin' at!?!

I got the image at the top of this article from the website It's a booru type website that specializes in anime "wallpapers". As few people make wallpapers out of hentai, the site has comparitively little porn on it and what there is, is of a more "tasteful" kind. The site has a "safe mode" option if you want to avoid that sort of thing.

Again, I'm not trying to break into the porn field. I'm sure there are a LOT of folks out there who can do it so much "better" than I.

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