Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Amerikanski President ... So Silly!

He really showed him, by golly!

Amerikanski President ... So Silly!

Comrades! This is Ivan Sergeivich Drobnick. COMRADE Ivan Sergeivich Drobnick to you. Hero of ex-Soviet Union, third class. I want make speaks at you.

See sometink on Amerikanski telewision other day. Sometink dat make Ivan laugh.

HA! ... HA! HA! ... HA! HA! HA!

I see funny little man shake skinny finger at strong man of Russia. Funny little man make big noise about "consequences". Funny little man make like he pres'dent or something. Funny little man make like Russia have no business in affairs of our side of planet let alone next door.

Funny little man iss ... FUUUUUUUNNY!

Ivan roll on floor laff babushka off!

Comrades in Kremlin really shake in sturdy shoes over 'dis one.

What funny little man think is! Leader some kind?

Funny little man let poofdahs and pervskis dictate foriegn/military policy while funny little man play golf.

Funny little man play golf and say cut Amerikanski military to marrow and beyond.

Funny little mans' laughing butt boy make speaks about spend rubles on food stamps than military.

Funny little man think being weak iss being mighty ...

Funny little man ... SIIIIIILLY!

Amerikanskis silly too.

Amerikanskis make him "leader".

Amerikanskis ... STOOOOPID!

Jus' sayinski ...

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