Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't Mess With Mother Russia!

Russia goes its' own way.

Don't Mess With Mother Russia!

It seems the "lavender love" crowd is a bit put out about Russia. They don't like Russias' "anti-gay" stance.

How narrow minded! How vile! How ... so ... UN-AMERICAN!

Of course it is ... It's Russia.

I find it the height of stupidity and arrogance that one should expect a people who literally live on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD to think and act as they do. Such fools are no better than the neo conservatives who think they can transform places like Iraq and Afghanistan into mirror images of the "good ole U.S.A." (Complete with shopping malls, fast food joints, porno shops and liquor stores.).

Shoot! The idiots in the past Soviet government learned their lesson about Afghanistan. Why can't the idiots in our own government do the same?

The REAL rainbow flag. No pink here ...

I over heard a conversation by some not so gay "gays" (They weren't even cheerful.) cursing Russia as a broadcast from Sochi was airing.

"Damn Russia! They're so behind the curve."

"These games are their way of saying they're the best. Fuck you!"

And on and on.

Behind the curve? Whose curve? Yours?

Maybe they have a curve of their own. Maybe they don't have a curve, period. Maybe they don't give a damn about curves (Except the feminine ones. Vive la differance! Poor fools ... You don't know what you're missing!). Maybe they're not afraid of your "influence" and don't care what you think.

A perfect illustration of the type of people/mentality that MUST wilt before the
inevitable might and righteousness of effeminate indignation. Not bloody likely ...

Be that as it may, consider these facts:

1. Russia is NOT the U.S.A. - They are an actual people, ethnicity, NATION. Not a polyglot empire like the United States. The Soviet Empire is, thankfully, long gone but the actual RUSSIANS remain (As do the the other two branches, the Belarussians and Ukranians.). You can not expect them or their government to think, act, and do as you do. You can only expect them to think, act, and do as Russians do.

Russia may be "backward" from various perspectives but you have to keep in mind:

2. When you talk about Russians, you're talking about a people who, FOR OVER A THOUSAND YEARS, have repelled, fought, endured one foriegn invasion/occupation after another. Most recently, the Axis onslaught of  almost seventy years ago. These folks are the main reason why Fascism was crushed once and for all. What makes you think they're going to be shaking in their shoes at the thought of you?

3. Many of these ordeals they went through while under the heels of some of the most brutal dictatorships imaginable. And I'm not only referring to those royale assholes, Joe Stalin and Vladimir Lenin. The various kings, czars, despots of ages past taught the reds a thing or ten about the implementation of oppression.

Natural Selection: It's a GOOD thing!

The above amounts to a winnowing out process of natural selection that has left an unbelievably tough, hardy people in place (Hell, their women are more rugged than I am!). It is also partly why they have a low population growth (Homosexuality is NOT an answer to that.).

No doubt some have indulged in fantasies of someone teaching the Russians a lesson militarily. NOT a good idea. The Russians may not have won every fight they were in, but they ALWAYS made sure the other guy didn't either.

DON'T ... mess with Mother Russia. She's a MOTHER!

Just sayin' ...

Wikipedia article on the history of Russia here.

You Tube/Russian Nat. Anthem with translated lyrics here.

You Tube/Russian Nat. Anthem rock version here and here. Both have great slide shows!

Music videos, Katyusha here and here.

"Music video", Katyusha, from the anime, Girls und Panzer here. This was edited out of the English release (And replaced with some kind of "Russian polka".). Nona and Katyusha sing as their T-34s plow across the tundra. URRAA!

"Music videos", God Knows, from the anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Russian dub here and here (Not as good picture resolution but better sound.).

Same as above in the original Japanese (Aya Hirano!) here. What the heck! I like the show!

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