Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The American Dream. OH YEAH!

The American Dream. OH YEAH!

So I go in to my bank today to cash a check. The teller tries to talk me into refinancing (Whatever the heck THAT means!) my mortgage. On telling her I don't own a home, she tells me of the low interest rates and what a good deal it is.

Good deal? Sure!

Lets see ... I "buy" a house and ...

I pay at least twice as much it's worth over a period of 20-30 years.

I pay a yearly "rent" in property taxes (For education that doesn't educate!).

If I have to renege on it for some reason, I can't keep what I paid for, the bank gets it ALL with no refund.

I'm subject to zoning laws so I can't really do what I want with what is "mine".

I have to get permission from a local government body to make improvements.

Someone else (With local government blessing or rezoning.) could do something with "their" property and lower the value of mine.

The government could condemn it in the name of eminent domain and take it from me (MAYBE paying "fair market value" as compensation.).

So ... Do I own it or not?


Just sayin' ...

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