Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Totally Absurd

                                                                 Totally Absurd


                                                                              Jay Agan

     Sometime in the early 80s: He was a resident of what was officially designated a "developmental center" (What it was they were developing I have NO idea.). An older man, with a nasty temper, he didn't "mix" well & could be quite violent. He was also blind.

     Every other Wednesday was "movie night" up the hill in the auditorium of the main building. In spite of his handicap he, along with the other residents, was required to attend. He always did NOT want to go & who could blame him?

     On questioning this absurdity, I was told it was to "develope his interactive & social skills". Uh ..... yeah. It was more because they couldn't spare a staff member to sit with him one on one in the cottage. They needed everyone to "ride herd".

     One Wednesday we got a double hit of this nonsensical charade. They were going to show a genuine classic. The Hunchback of Notre Dame starring Lon Chaney Sr. Yes. That one. The ..... 1923 ..... SILENT ..... film. And along with all the others, up the hill he went.

     As if that wasn't dumb enough, that particular 16mm print didn't even have a sound track with music. Instead they piped in WVLQ FM 96 (This was back when it was an "alternative" rock station.).

     Of course it goes without saying that this was not the first time I held the wisdom of the "higher ups" in doubt.

     Rest well old fellow. You're in a better place now.

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