Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hell and High Water, A Movie Wot Coulda Been Anime

                                Hell and High Water, A Movie Wot Coulda Been Anime


                                                                           Jay Agan

     Submarines seem to figure a lot in anime. What with Full Metal Panic, Tideline Blue, The Silent Service, Submarine 707R, Blue Submarine #6 & others, there's a whole "navy" of 'em. I often wonder about some movies wether or not they would have come off better as a "cartoon" than as live action. One of wich is Hell and High Water.

     Not that this isn't a bad film as it is. I have it & love it. It's just that if this film isn't what anime is about, then I don't know what is. Starting (Like Akira.) & ending in a big whopping atomic explosion, the plot & elements literally scream ANIME!

Richard Widmark & crew share a tense moment in Hell And High Water.
Twentieth Century Fox, 1954

     Richard Widmark stars as an off duty sub commander employed by a super secret "peace" organisation. The mission: Scout up north of Japan, monitoring any nuclear related activities. This "peace" organisation just happens to have an ex Imperial Japanese Navy sub on hand.

     With a mixed Asian/European crew, led by a couple of French Scientists, Widmark feverishly refurbishes the U-Boat. Then it's off on a wild ride to postpone World War 3. Great ending with everyone on deck with anything that can shoot to bring down a nuke laden bomber. Ka-stinking-BOOM!

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