Thursday, January 13, 2011

Those Girly Little Animes

                                                           Those Girly Little Animes


                                                                              Kevin Rood

                                                            In the Land of La De Dah,

                                         Where nothing bad ..... ever ..... really ..... happens,

                                                                          Comes .....

                                                                SPARKLE VOMIT!

                                                                 So sickenly sweet!

                                                               So nauseatingly nice!

                                                       So ..... too ..... cute ..... to ..... live.

                            She'll have you hypoglycemic & bouncing off the walls in no time at all!

     So join Sparkle, with her school uniformed & irritatingly voiced friends, Darley, Delmer & Claude, as they have fun, swell, happy adventures in the Land of La De Dah.

                                   Give your heart (& guts) a tug. Take the whole family to see.....

                                                                   SPARKLE VOMIT!

                                                                        At this theater.

     "Pika! Pika!"

     "Oh, shut up!"

                                                          Article copyright © Kevin Rood

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