Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Of Sticks 'n Stones: Something I Found on the Net

Of Sticks 'n Stones: Something I Found on the Net

Thought you might find this interesting. Found it on the interbutts ... forget where ... On some message board thing. It's in reply to some obviously lofty, naive declaration of some kind, on the nature of man and the world.

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Here's text as follows:

Since our hairy asses began to walk upright, we had one major goal as men: To make everything within eyesight bend to our will. We broke bones and cut our flesh rending the ground beneath us into something hospitable in an otherwise brutal and unforgiving nightmare. We fought every beast we could find in a quest for dominance, then, when we stood atop the mound of corpses of every creature that wished to do us harm, we moved on to the most dangerous game; Ourselves.

We fucking chased down game until it died of exhaustion. We beat each other to doom-esque gore piles with our goddamn fists.

Then we realized rocks and sticks work better. We had a fucking bronze age. Fuck your textbook; That guy who found metal wasn't saying, "Oh, I could til more soil with this." He was saying, "Well fuck! I could cleave way more heads than Ogg over there with this sharp shit!"

And we started battling. For almost every fucking ancient city, we had a group of men dedicating to smiting other men. We used that to shape the world into other nations, testing themselves against a tide of ever raging war to see who could stand on their own lust for fucking death.

Samurai, pirates, knights. We all knew them as children. Why?

We didn't grasp feudalism. We didn't ponder their technical advancement over their foes. We knew they were good at one thing. War. And we wanted to be ... Just ... Like ... Them.

Parade all you want about one small speck of humanity that did the same dance as our common ancestors, because you're still right, albeit stupid. You don't know if you want to swim in dark water. You don't know if you want to play with spiders. You don't know if you could eat a raw eel. But you and almost every man alive knows he's willing to kill if he needs to. Regardless of who you love, where you come from, what you worship, you're still a goddamn human. And war is your craft.

That ominously strange website I grabbed the title illustration from here.

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