Monday, June 29, 2015

Attention Homosexuals: The Joke ... Is On YOU

Affects me not at all. It will however affect your descendants.
Or rather ... lack of them.

Attention Homosexuals: The Joke ... Is On YOU

No doubt you're still celebrating your Supreme Court "victory"  from last week.

No doubt some of you are chomping at the bit (Among other things.) to have a go at those crazy preachers and court clerks who may refuse to officiate your "unions". Not to mention possible implementation of measures, rulings and lawsuits in the suppression of criticism, free speech and opposition from a lot of those "breeders" out there.

You will notice that NOT ONE of your past victories on the issue of homosexual marriage had anything to do with the will of the general population. It was all on judicial fiat. Once again that judicial fiat triumphs over the will of the people.

You might point out surveys and polls indicating otherwise however the fact of the matter is that polls and such are not official ballot counts.

All this judicial posturing is however, moot.

The fact of the matter is ...


You ... have lost.

How is that you might ask?

The answer is simple.

NATURE ... has the last say.

Think about it.

The vast majority of you will NEVER have children.

In cutting short your genetic line, your earthly immortality, you have chosen extinction.You will never have descendants. A thousand years from now there won't be anyone looking something like you running around.

As the song goes, There will never be another you.

It will be as if you had never been.

Survival, genetic or otherwise, is its' own justification and in your choosing your dance to oblivion you have "unjustified" yourselves.

Just sayin' ...

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