Monday, June 15, 2015

Evangelion 3.33 ... I Smell a Rant

"Yeah ... We're waiting too ..."

Evangelion 3.33 ... I Smell a Rant

When in the H--L is the Evangelion 3.33 DVD release coming out? It's been about two stinking years and well ... nothing.

I can't get anything on the Funimation FAQ though I did get this from using Google.

Okay ... Maybe the perfectionists at Gainax are trying to get Funimation to wring out better performances from Spencer, Grant et al. I don't know (I like them just the way they are.). All I know is the wait has been too dang long.

Hmm ... Release for late 2015 or early 2016? My guess is they're shooting around New Years ... According to the original series that's when Third Impact actually takes place. It would serve Gainax and Funimation right if it actually did.

From what I've seen and heard, the Rebuilds' pretty much jumped a school of goblin sharks and makes me appreciate the original series even more. As a completist  I'll probably buy 3.33 and 404 ... er ... 4.44 but now I can't get excited anymore. Shoot, I'm waiting for Amazon to market it and go for a better deal from any of the smaller distributors Amazon is "piggybacking". Pre-order? Yeah ... RIGHT!

I'm not holding my breath anymore.

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  1. This makes me tend toward tooth-grinding. I NEED my 3.33.