Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stupid Little Feminist Twit

Stupid Little Feminist Twit

So I'm at work at that cut-rate would be Wal-Mart that shall remain nameless. The night before, I passed a kidney stone. One of those star shaped ones with all the points. A real screamer.

I'm talking to one of my co-workers when I'm RUDELY interrupted by another. An annoying little adolescent just barley in her teens. Seems she was a bit put out about what I had just said.

I had just barely finished mentioning that I had a vague idea of what it was like to give birth when this tin pot Steinem ran over and jumped my case.

"Just what would you know about giving birth!?" She indignantly cried with a leer."Men know nothing about that! Men know nothing about blah blah blah this 'n that" and on and on she went.

Lets see ... Here I am, being berated by a mere slip of a girl who may have just passed menarche about a year or two ago at most, about giving birth. I doubt she had even had any experience at being "experienced" let alone at dropping at least one as the result of such. Of course, you can never tell these days. She was, after all, about the same age Traci Lords started out.

"Well, first of all hon," I started in reply, "I only said I had a vague idea. I made no claim of having first hand knowledge. Now you seem to be a young lady experienced in the ways of the world so maybe you can clue me in."

The would be crusader/PC warrioress drew back her head and stiffened up.

"So tell me ... How difficult was it with your first child and did it get any easier with your second and third?"

The little jerk turned, walking away, muttering something under her breath.

You know the old saying: "Engage brain before putting mouth in gear."

Also: "If you don't like what you overhear, then don't eavesdrop."

Just sayin' ...

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