Friday, September 19, 2014

A Couple of Quibcags ...

A Couple of Quibcags ...

So just what exactly is a "quibcag"? Simply put: Quote Illustrated by Cute Anime Girl.

These can be found at Karol Travens' Ex-Army blog.

I fell across this blog while searching for illustrations for my Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic story, Mr. John Smith Goes To Washington. I pirated about three of them as I thought they were appropriate.

The blog itself is a Libertarian website with a racist tone to it, so if you find that objectionable, I'd advise not going there. If you can get past that, you'll find the site to be witty, insightful (And INCITEFUL!) and bitingly blunt about any subject mentioned as well as critical of the "idealistic" (And UNREALISTIC!) "unicorns and rainbows" version of Libertarianism that has been bandied about for years. You know, if everyone in the world knew about the Libertarian world view, they'd all embrace it and become good little free enterprisers. Even the folks at ISIS/ISIL/ASSHOLE would drop their Islamic silliness and go for the gusto!

Not gonna' happen.

A feature of Mr. Travens' blog is the above mentioned "quibcag", of which a couple (Somewhat related to one another.) I have illustrated below:

Mr. Traven will also quote other writers for his 'cags'.

Maybe, maybe not. If one is not careful, you
could find yourself porn surfing for the rest
of your life.

A bit of irony here. In my aforementioned fanfic wherein I used some of Mr. Travens 'cags', the three white guys in the story "hook up" with the three Asian babes of the Haruhi series ... And we all know what an aggressive little sexpot Yuki Nagato can be!

Yeah ... Right!

Hentai is NOT canon.

Just sayin' ...

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