Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ray Bradbury: A Giant Has Departed

Ray Bradbury drawing from the NY Times Book Review.

                                      Ray Bradbury: A Giant Has Departed

      This was the guy who gave me my initial boost out of the kiddy sandbox in regard to Sci-Fi & fantasy. Before that it was pretty much cartoons & comic books where I got my "fix". After this, I was out of the juvenile stuff for good.

... Dad bought this book & left it laying around ...

      I remember back in the sixties Dad bought this book & left it laying around. Picking it up I read a few of the stories. It confused me a bit as the "science fiction" I then knew & loved was about spaceships, ray guns & giant bugs. While some of these elements were contained therein most of the stories were of either a subtler kind or downright weird. The one about the astronauts being "replaced" through disection gave me a weeks worth of the "willies"!

      Rest in peace sir. You opened up new worlds to me. I hope the one you're in now is beyond even your wildest imagination. I mean that in a good way. God bless you sir.

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