Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interesting Search Words #17

                                        Interesting Search Words #17

      Interestinger n' interestinger as time goes on.

1. mlp evangelion - As if we didn't have enough to worry about. Now we gotta watch out for Rei-nbow Dash!

Why ... Oh God ... why? Credit: LavosVsBahamut

2. jay sherman my little pony - "IT STINKS!"

I felt the "It stinks!" shot to be overused & decided on this.
Credit: Princedymion

3. konata pride - Yes, she does play "dating sims" (With her dad yet!). Yes, she does comment a lot on female anatomy/"moe' points". Yes, she can be an "interesting" character. But ... you know? ... In the times I've viewed the show, I haven't seen her once "come on" to Kagami or any of the other female characters in the series. In one scene she even talks about boys in a "het" manner (The similarity of the silhouette to her of the boy in question is more an indication of how wrapped up she is in herself than anything else.).

Rampant Konata.

    No, until any real info comes in (Hentai & yuri fan fiction don't count!), I'll take it as an indication she's just too much involved in anime & pop culture. Glad I'm not.

    Now as for Hiyori & possibly Patricia (link) that's another story entirely.

4. mlp commie - Figured it to be a plot of SOME kind!

The wave of the future ... You have been warned.
Credit: 2snacks

5. redneck pikachu - Tobaccochu! I choose you!

6. girl from hell - I think we've all known one or two. No not THAT one!

7. barry resident evil yaois - Anything to do with the presidents' recent statement? By the way, this one was from France (Hetalia!).

8. waffle hentai - There are fetishes ... and ... I guess .... There are ... FETISHES!

9. haruhis' alien babies - This one came in before. Could he mean this?

Wasn't one loose cannon God enough?

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