Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sanctimonious Do-Gooders From Outer Space

"Hi. We're from the United Federation of Planets, & we're
here to help you." Oh, yeah? Get lost, ya creep!
Gort & Michael Rennie in The Day the Earth Stood Still
Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

                               Sanctimonious Do-Gooders From Outer Space


                               Just Who the Heck Do They Think They Are?!


                                                                   Jay Agan

      This is a tale of two movies. Both on the same "message" but handled quite differently.

      I dislike "benevolent" aliens. Or "benevolent" "adults"/authority figures for that matter. Nothing yanks my chain more than someone doing me a bad turn "for my own good".

      "You don't understand," they chide. "There is a geater purpose/good to be served. Something far greater than your petty, selfish concerns. Something only we (Insert name of self selcted, "morally annointed", special interest here.) know the full scope of & you cannot. Therefore, we must curtail, attenuate, penalize, tax & restrict you. You will, one day, come to the realization it is all for the best (Having your best interest at heart.) & profusely thank us/beg for forgiveness for it.

      Never mind I think for myself & use common sense. Never mind I deal noncoercively with others on a one for one, value for value basis. Give no credence to the facts I have a mind & life of my own. Their vision of heaven on earth & my subsidizing of it must take precedence.

      Take for instance The Day the Earth Stood Still (No, not that recent abortion with Keanu Reeves.). Michael Rennie plays a smug, yet impatient emmisary from a planetary alliance concerned with the possibility of earth bringing its' "stupidity, petty jealousies & suspicions" (Along with atomic power.) beyond our solar system. Of course, the film shows him to be entirely justified (The only reason I still have this flick is Bernard Herrmanns' film score.).

      There are already too many influential people with Klaatus' mentality involved in our national affairs. This is one of many reasons why our country has lost its' greatness & has become the "worlds' policeman" (And, for that matter, why NASA continues to be underfunded & fulfil the role of "global cable guy".).

      Another, but much better film, is War of the Satellites. A "crappy" little "B" movie Roger Corman cobbled together in a few weeks. The aliens are pretty much the same, even going so far as to sabotage our space program through violent means (Our own politicians prefer to do that legislatively.). They claim we're "not ready" but humanity eventually shoves them aside & goes on being humanity (Oh! The humanity!).

      It would be wonderful to one day shove aside the "aliens" among us (On both sides of the aisle.). & get on with mans' destiny of real exploration & expansion, on & off the earth, in & outside ourselves.

      Ready or not, universe. Here we come!

                                Article copyright © 6-5-2011 Jay Agan

The Day the Earth Stood Still trailer here.

War of the Satellites trailer here. So what if it's not the greatest sci-fi film made. Its' "message" (If any.) is much more positive than that of the big budget one.

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  1. OTOH, Klaatu's "federation" is bigger, and it is established, and it is concerned that its safety and tranquility will be messed up by our neo-nuclear tantrums extending into their sphere ('cos it sure isn't ours, brother!)

    Think of the federation as the US, and the Earth is Mexico.

  2. Due to the "shake out" of the Drake Equation, I doubt we'll run into anyone "out there" much less a UFP. It's those terrestrial "aliens" here who are messing things up.

    "Think of the federation as the US, and the Earth is Mexico."

    Now it "sounds" like a They Live scenario. You're
    not one of THEM are you? Judging from past e-mail corespondence, you seem to be in favor of initiating third impact/instrumentality. Grrrrrr!

  3. Nawwww....I just like orange juice.



    Srsly, I have no desire to immanentize the Eschaton. I'm enjoyng HERE too much!