Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stuff I Got This Week

Stuff I Got This Week

Decided to spend Monday touring the Half Price Books outlets around Columbus and picked up a few things. Thought I'd tell y'all what I got with a little political commentary at the end.

1. Empire of Corpses - Total disappointment. A "steampunk" anime film about "necrotechnology" used to reanimate the dead and putting them to work. A young scientist on his quest for Victor Frankensteins' notes in the hopes of restoring souls to the dead.

Too many "zombies".

Two "deus ex machinas" show up with the "power" to stop the undead in their tracks with no explanation of how they came across such an ability.

Too many "zombies".

Great artwork and animation (In some parts.) but not much of a story. Turns out it all leads up to a plot to zombify the whole of humankind in order to relieve us of yearning, loneliness and hate. Buncha' crap!

Too many "zombies".

And, oh yes ... Too many frickin' "zombies".

2. Operation Chromite - A telling of South Korean operatives trying to get info on the mine layout of Inchon harbor in order to pave the way for General MacArthurs' famous back door invasion.

Was getting into it until the action scenes started. Choppy, epileptic, headache inducing editing of split second closeups and tight shots but no actual "scene".

Might as well take a bunch of still pictures and riffle them in front of the camera lense. Stopped watching partway through.

3. Experiment In Terror - A film that scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and still darn effective. Ross Martin stars as an asthmatic killer who terrorizes Lee Remick into sneaking a hundred grand out of the bank she works at.

Martin was so good in the role he got little work for quite a while until he landed the role of Artemus Gordon in The Wild Wild West TV series several years later.

4. Casanovas' Big Night - Hilarious Bob Hope classics wherein he plays a tailor forced to impersonate the worlds' greatest lover.

5. Night Breed - Young man framed for murder escapes into "another world" populated with partially and non-human freaks and monsters. Not a bad little horror flick.

6. To Catch a Thief - Cary Grant and Princess Grace in a suspense caper by Alfred Hatchplot. Grant plays a famous retired cat burglar being framed for a series of crimes bearing his trademarks. A bit disappointing as there's really not much suspense and tension. Gave this to a friend.

7. White Tiger - A white Panzer 6 (The "infamous" Tiger Tank of WW2 fame.) is becoming an ominous legend among Soviet tankers heading for Berlin. Seems the title vehicle is unstoppable and invincible as it ruthlessly eliminates one T-34 after another with its' fantastic rate of fire. A "mystical" survivor of a previous encounter is recruited to hunt down and destroy the phantom vehicle with a modified T-34.

Lotsa' T-34 fun footage of the many vehicles tearing up the landscape that makes up for what would be an otherwise lame movie. The title vehicle seems to be a tricked up T-34 as the turret is too far forward for it to be a Tiger. I guess one could suspend disbelief a bit and pretend it's a Porsche Tiger.

By the way, it's okay to like the Russians now in spite of what the coprophages and catamites of the Democrat party say. WW2 and the "Cold War" are long over and they did dump the socialist bullshit much beloved by our own homegrown reds composing the Dem party.

If what the damn Dems say is true (No proof of it though.), the Russians did help us out last November. It's not so much that the "Rooskies" leaked anything that's got the left so mad as much as it is that what was leaked in those e-mails is true.

How anyone can trust the Dem party anymore is beyond me.

Liberalism only makes sense if one thinks of it as a form of mental illness.

Jus' sayin' ...

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