Friday, March 31, 2017

That Is One Pesky Critter!

HOLY SHIRT! ... It's a Vincent Price!

That Is One Pesky Critter!

Scary thing happened earlier this week ...

We've all had problems with varmints. Y'know, coons, possums, skunks 'n roaches.

Had a bit of a problem with a rather unique one. So unique and rarely encountered that it makes the endangered species list now and then.

I'm in my living room reading and I happened to look up and-


There ... Standing right next to the TV was ...

A Vincent Price!

Staring right at me ... just ... staring ... AT  ME!

Now I did a bit of reading up on this critter some years back. The Vincent Price isn't content to hide under your porch or sink. Attics and cellars have some attraction to them but they mainly like to get in your house proper and just ... Stare at you.

It's really, really, CREEEEEEEPY when they do that.


So I call up the Humane Society and they send a couple guys down to pick it up.

They come in with this humungous, spring loaded box trap. Setting it in the center of the floor, they then baited it with a bottle of Dom Perignon '54 and a large round of brie. That nailed the sucker!

A couple hours after they took it away, I got a phone call from the Society thanking me for having helped in preserving an endangered species.

On asking what they did with the Vincent Price, I was told that it was taken to Hoover Reservoir Park where it was allowed to run free.

Gives me a feeling of the "warm 'n fuzzies" inside.

Don't believe me? Yeah ... just you wait until you find one of those scary things in your house. That'll 'larn ya I'll betcha'!

Jus' sayin' ...

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