Sunday, November 20, 2016



Yeah, yeah. It's not really God ... er ... Haruhi Suzumiya. Only a very comely cosplayer.

This photo caught my eye and I thought I'd post. Not gonna' tell ya where I got it on the net. I've been a bad boy.

This is to announce that starting sometime in January, I'm going to put more effort into this blog and TRY to get back up to three articles per week. Even if it means posting "any little thing", I'll do it.

Now that the elections are over and EL DONALDO is to be our commander in chief (Libtards eat your miniscule hearts out!), I can relax a bit and concentrate on the original purpose of this blog: The promotion of anime, older movies and Haruhi-ism.

There will still be some political stuff (Screw you, libtards! ... And some of you so-called conservatives as well!) but I'll be more focused on my "hobby".

So ... 'til then ...

Yes ... Things DO go better with Coke!

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