Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ding Dong the (Son of a) Bitch Is Dead!

A Hallicrafters ad from the early '60s.

Ding Dong the (Son of a) Bitch Is Dead!

Not going to say much about this character except to say that I would have voted for him if he was running against Clinton and not Trump. The scumbag didn't pretend to be anything other than what he was.

I've a feeling Cuba's about to open up a lot more now. I suggest to any Cubans (Or any of their stateside relatives.) reading this to hold on to your older U.S. made cars. The island may be about to be flooded with car buffs and collectors more than happy to take that "junk" off your hands for cheap ...


Yes I spelled that "right". That's how "cheep" they might be.

Sure, most of those "Yank tanks" have a lot of the original parts replaced and those Russian made diesels powering a lot of them certainly don't raise their value. Howsomever, original '40s/'50s body panels, among other things, may command top prices and some of your rides would make for great restoration projects.

Hold out for top dollar, folks. Otherwise you may be without transportation for a long time.

Duuuuude! ... It's a Stude!

A couple of articles contrary here and here.

Herb Alperts' Tijuana Taxi here. Yeah, I know. "Mexican". Hey ... If put in Wars' Low Rider you'd REALLY get ticked off. Besides, old cars is old cars ... And I love 'em!

A Cuba related article of mine on Radio Havana and "numbers" stations from a few years ago here.

Go to Jays' Tee Vee blog main page here. Any articles under this means yer already on it. MAKE OLD CARS GREAT AGAIN!




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