Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another Piece of Resistance

 Another Piece of Resistance

So you're leaving the local library branch and you spot a rack full of the "local free papers". Wanting some reading material while waiting for your order at the diner you're going to, you stop to pick up a publication or two ... Then you notice.

Yeah ... The usual bunch of left wing/pro homo or other than English language garbage catering to the "diverse" crowd coming to bless you with sharia and other "cultural" goodies.

Of course you turn your nose up and just walk away but ...

Take a copy ... or two ... or more ...

What!? You say? You don't want to read that stuff, why would you ...

You don't HAVE to read it ...

Just ...

Pitch it!

You're taking some pieces of their propaganda out of circulation so ...

So take a copy ... or two ... or more ...

If no one's looking ... TAKE THE WHOLE STACK!

And ... pitch it!

A word of warning howsomever. Some communities actually have ordinances against this sort of thing. Seems some folks actually do pitch the other sides' propaganda and the poor dears have fits over it. So ... be careful.

Again there will be those who will equate this with nazis burning books. So ... If you do this during the cold months and you happen to have a fireplace ... or you need to get the grill fired up for barbeque in summer ... these ragsheets make for great firestarter!

Oh yes ... Don't worry about some SJW (social justice weasel) calling you a nazi ... Doesn't hurt a bit.

And it's really fun when you answer, "And your point is?"

Of course be careful. They tend to get brave if there's more than one of them.

Have fun!

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