Monday, April 4, 2016

A Piece of Resistance

A Piece of Resistance

So you're in a thrift shop, Goodwill, dollar store whatever and you come across a book/movie dealing with subject matter that offends you. Like most, you'll turn up your nose and go your not so merry way. After all ... Not much you can do.



There is something you can do.


What!? ... You say?


And pitch it.

Isn't that kind of self defeating? Doesn't that put ones' money into the pockets of the enemy?

Not quite ... here's why.

With a thrift shop/used game/book store, the stuff is used. The original buyer already did the damage a "new" sale made. You're not putting dough in the hands of the degenerates who originally made/marketed the propaganda. It goes to the shop owner or in case of Goodwill or Salvation Army, to a good cause as well as keep the krap out of the hands of the impressionable.

As for those dollar and "close out" stores, these are the leavings that the original producers/marketers couldn't sell and were being taxed on (Our earstwhile government counts unsaleable inventory as "wealth".) and thus losing money. They sold at a loss to the discount stores. Up until a few years back, I really expanded my movie collection thanks to Big Lots and others of that kind.

A lot of people will buy stuff used or reduced that they wouldn't ordinarily buy top dollar or even discount. And, to coin a phrase: One mans' trash is another mans' absolute truth ... And in your case, poison.

Expensive you say? It's not like you're trying to buy up the stores' complete inventory of Bowling for Columbine at brand new suggested retailers prices. One or two discs/books at maybe three bucks each? How much is your freedom worth?

I can't remember how many times I disposed of copies of Bowling for Columbine (Michael Moores' anti-gun tirade.), Save the Last Dance (White ballerina falling for "Mistuh Hip Hop".), or Vera Drake (About a saintly back alley abortionist/baby killer in '40s/'50s London, England.). What I do know is I'm taking some of the enemys' propaganda out of circulation. If it helps to keep some fool from casting a vote to deprive you of your rights, or a stupid little white girl from making a ghastly mistake, or an unborn baby from getting snuffed, then it's worth it.

In the case of a movie, it's not a complete loss. Keep the case for any of those loose discs you may have. Reverse the slip label and write what you need on the blank side. You can always donate the cases to the local library.

Now some SJWs (social justice weasels) out there are gonna' compare this to Nazis burning books and escalate the non-equivalency to the Holocaust (©). Bullkrap! You bought it ... It's yours ... To do with whatever you want ... And like their opinion, you can pitch it where it belongs.

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