Friday, April 3, 2015

Princess Tutu: REAL MEN WATCH IT!

Princess Tutu: REAL MEN WATCH IT!

My masculinity has been called into question. HNNNNGH!

Over a week ago, I posted on my blog a Hell Girl fanfic story, Unlikely Avenger, having to do with the Kennedy assassination. A so-called "friend" by the name of Keith von Sulzer, expressed interest so I pointed the story out to him.

A couple days later, he informed me he read the story and liked it. But ... there was something else he saw on my blog main page he was not too crazy about.

"So what's this gay anime you're watching?"


"Y'know ... THAT ... gay anime."

"Gay ... anime?"

"You know ... An anime that's gay."

"Uh ... yuh ... right!"

"Why are you watching something like that?"

"I'm not watching anything gay, anime or otherwise."

"Sure you are," said the miscreant grinning. "And it gives me some doubts about you."


The conversation/accusation continued while I racked  my brain (Man that hurts!) trying to figure out what show he was going on about. Since he's not one to go beyond my blogs' main page, I figured it had to be something within a few past articles. Then it hit me (That hurts too!).

"Wait a sec ... You don't mean ... Princess Tutu?"

"Yeah! That's it."


Now I ask you ... Does this look gay to you? It's not. It's ...
something else. Yeah ... Uh ... something else ... maybe ...

The conversation/accusation went on, I insisting Princess Tutu ... and I ... weren't gay and he talking of the possibility that Princess Tutu ... and that I, because I liked it ... might be "a little light in the loafers".

Needless to say the conversation kept NOT going well.

He clocked out of work grinning and me snarling.

Gentlemen ... That is those of you who like the anime, Princess Tutu ...

Get your tutus on (METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING!) and say it loud and proud:


Indeed ...

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