Monday, February 23, 2015


Prince Valium ... er ... Mytho and title character pair up for a duet.


Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen it ... Yet.:

I truly enjoyed viewing Princess Tutu.

After You Tubing the trailer and hearing Debussey, Korsakov and Wagner in it, well ... being a longtime fan of classical music, I resolved to watch it. After You Tubing a couple episodes, I fell across a copy at Half Price Books and snapped it up. What I originally thought to be a cutesy vomit inducing piece of drivel, I ended up enjoying.

Of course I intend to watch it again ... but ...

I has a sad.

She's still a duck! Still a duck!

After all she did for every one she still ends up as when she started. A duck!

Having gone through all that work, pain, and almost death ...

Does she get the prince (Who sounds like the Hell Girl voiceover tryout runner-up.)?

Not the original artwork. Tutu (left) and Kraehe square off.

No! That darn Kraehe gets to keep him.

Does she get to graduate? !

No! Not as a duck she ain't!

Does she get to stay Princess Tutu?


Does she at least get to stay human at the end?

OH ... HECK ... NO!

She stays a duck!

Oh sure, she ends up with Fakir but what good is that? He's a human and she's a duck and ... And I don't want any comments from any of you sickos out there about THAT!

Darn you Drosselmeyer!


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