Monday, March 9, 2015

Of Liberals and Quibcags

Of Liberals and Quibcags

quibcag - Quotation Introduced by Cute Anime Girl

I stumbled onto the Ex-Army blog a few months back. The quibcag idea I found to be clever. Though I do find it curious that the website is a racist one what with the anime characters being Japanese and all. All the same, I find the concept of a "quibcag" to be interesting and not all of them have a racist message as evidenced by the three presented here.

Of course it goes without saying that wether one is racist or not, one is automatically a racist when one exhibits opposition in any way shape or form to  liberals. Don't worry about it. They've called me that a lot in the past and it doesn't hurt a bit.

Ex-Army blog here.

Go to Jays' Tee Vee blog main page here.


  1. trying to taint Miyuki, trying to turn someone as innocent and pure as her into a reactionary asshole who's saying essentially 'HURR DURR LIBERALS ARE STUPID'
    letting your upbringing in the middle of nowhere in isolation from other human beings, to warp you so much you'd try to commit such a crime against Miyuki, against Lucky Star..?

    1. They're called cartoon characters. They are not real people so no one really knows what their politics may or may not be.

      The "crime" or use of anime or any other characters in these "quibcags" is called satire: The use of humor in pointing out things the maker of such finds ridiculous or silly.

      As for your remark about my upbringing "in the middle of nowhere", you only prove the point of your perception of the "quibcags' messages about "HURR DURR LIBERALS ARE STUPID". In fact, your emotional reaction points to you being as being a "reactionary asshole" as well.

      You know next to nothing about me, except perhaps SOME of my political outlook. You are quite quick to pre-judge someone you don't know. This pre-judging is called PREJUDICE: Preconceived opinions not based on reason or actual experience.

      If you want your mind really blown, I suggest you go to Karol Travens' website, There, you can "HURR DURR" to your hearts' miscontent.

    2. Oh yes. Your post also seems to prove the point being made in the Miyuki "quibcag"