Monday, January 5, 2015

Strike Witches: Why Did I Watch This?

Mio Sakamoto and Minna Wilcke seem to be missing from this lineup.
L-R Charlotte/Shirley "Chuck" Yeager, Francessca "Franco" Lucchinni,
Sonya "Lydia" Litvyak, Perinne "Pierre" Closterman, Yoshika Miyafuji,
Eila "llmari" Juutilainen, Lynette Bishop, Gertrude "Gerhard" Barkhorn
and Erica "Eric" Hartmann.

Strike Witches: Why Did I Watch This?

I don't believe I ACTUALLY watched this silly thing! You Tubed it over a period of a few nights.

The historical references kept me glued to it. The Yeager/Lucchinni  buddy pairing was amusing and the confrontation between Barkhorn and Marsaille had me thinking "Wile E. Coyote vs Huckleberrry Hound".

Otherwise it was really nothing more than a lesboboobgrabpantyshotparade. Lucchinnis' enthusiasm in that direction had me wondering.

I'll never get that time spent watching this back, but I was amused enough not to regret it too much.

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