Monday, January 12, 2015

Steins Gate: What the Hell's Going On! ... And Why Should I Care?

We all knew someone like this in school. And we
all wanted to beat the krap out of him. Still do ...

Steins Gate: What the Hell's Going On! ... And Why Should I Care?

Folks have been saying for several years now, that I should be giving this one a look see. I tried and ... well ... after two and a half episodes, I ditched it.

Now, I've nothing against shows that make me think. The Ghost in the Shell franchise, Serial Experiments Lain and several others are favorites of mine. What I don't like are shows that make me think ... that I have to take lots of notes in order to keep track of all the double/triple headers going on at once.

All I know from this mess is SOMETHING is going on with time, a microwave oven and a cell phone ... And that everyone is excited about ... something.

Not to mention the main character, a one Rintaro Okabe Kyoma Hooin whatever, is a LOUD, obnoxious, annoying jerk. That and a paranoiac as well. Pretty much the same reasons I don't care much for Trigun or Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Characters like Vash and Tylor get on the nerves. So does this show.

Jus' sayin' ...

Wikipedia article on Steins Gate here.

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