Thursday, July 24, 2014

The H Button


The H Button


Jay Agan

I only found it once ... then never again.

An elevator. In the sub basement at work. Going another floor down.

To say I was curious ... well ...

So I get in and examine the controls. A stop button, an SB (sub basement) button ... And a LARGE red button with a yellow H on it. OK ...

So I press H.

Going down. Kinda' figgered that.

I could feel it going down ... and something else ... something ... warm.

Not only warm and warmer ... but ... hotter.


I mean hot as in ...


I mash the stop button ... A LOT!

And it was still getting hotter!

The thing finally stops but I could hear the doors about to slide open.

Uh ... No thanks!

I start whacking on the SB button and the elevator starts to rise.

Things started to cool a bit.

Getting to the sub basement, I didn't need any prompting. I didn't wait for the doors to be completely open. I was out soon as it was wide enough!

As I've said before ... Never did find that elevator again.

And no one believes me.

Who would?

Story copyright © 5-1-14 Jay Agan

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