Monday, July 14, 2014

The Building

The Building


Jay Agan

It lies at the end of a street in an industrial park at the edge of town. Three floors, no windows, surrounded by TWO electrified chain link fences topped with razor wire.

Inside the fencing there are cars parked abound but no one is ever seen coming or going. In fact, there's no indication that the cars have ever been moved at all. Every so often, a nondescript individual is seen cleaning them.

Mounted remote cameras scan the immediate area.

About once a month a large black car is seen at the entrance. Two men in black suits are seen going from the car to inside. In a minute or so, they can be seen on the roof where they proceed to a large dish antenna. There, they open up the instrumentation box beneath and exchange what look to be electronic components of some kind.

Then they leave.

Just what is that building for?

Why the secrecy?

And after the sun goes down, why does that antenna track that part of the night sky where hardly any stars can be seen?

Curious ...


Story copyright © 7-14-14 Jay Agan

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