Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Best Advertising Donald Trump Ever Had


The Best Advertising Donald Trump Ever Had

As you probably know by now, a few short hours ago as of this writing, a hoard of the "peace, love and brotherhood" crowd descended on a Donald Trump rally in Chicago and "expressed" themselves in the manner of the fascists they accuse everyone else of being.

The rally was called off, no doubt causing exaltation among the approximately ten grand disciples of tolerance and justice. They probably think they have won a victory of some kind.


This has to be the best advertising Donald Trump has ever had ... And he didn't even have to spend a cent on it.

It has now been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that:

The left and it's parasitic constituencies absolutely HATE Donald Trump.

The something for nothing crowd hates him.

The minority racists hate him.

The Muslims hate him.

The illegal (And some legal.) aliens hate him.

The collegiate left hates him.

Welfare sponges and other oxygen thieves hate him.

The list could go on for days.

Mr. Trump must be doing something right.

Face it, the above listed "wretched refuse" actually believe "the great Wal-Mart to the north" would be closed and the free ride to be over if Mr. Trump is elected president.

Do you ever hear of such hatred directed at Cruz, Kasich or Rubio? Didn't think so.

This has only served to solidify my decision for this buckeye to vote FOR Mr. Trump this Tuesday.

It may have made up the minds of many who were undecided.

You now know who to vote for ...


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