Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Few Pics and a "Quibcag"

I am NOT an infidel. I was never an adherent to your krap to begin with.

A Few Pics and a "Quibcag"

It's a busy holiday season so I just thought I'd post a few pics I picked up while cruising the net. Enjoy! Quibcag means "Quote Introduced by Cute Anime Girl", a graphic phenomenon found on the Ex-Army blog, one of which I cribbed for the end of this article. Mr. Traven and I share the same dim view of that cult our erstwhile government and media seem so keen on importing.

No caption needed.

If he was American I'd vote for him! Maybe I will anyway.
Got this pic from Armands' Rancho Del Cielo blog.

I always liked Puella Magi Madoka Magicas' Homura Akemi character (See graphic above.). She supplements her power to stop time with conventional weaponry. I liked the scene where she halts time and goes to the locker room of a Yakuza hangout. There, she appropriates a 12 guage, two .45s and ammo. The next scene has her reading up on how to make pipe bombs. I like this kid! Her throwing the pin instead of the grenade has me wondering though.

Mr. Travens' Ex-Army blog main page here.

Mr. Vaquers' Rancho Del Cielo blog main page here.

My Puella Magi Madoka Magica article here.

Wikipedia article on the show here.

Remove Kebab! here. Can't vouch for the quality though. And what's with the old coot with the cup and headphones?

Even Madoka, Homura and Sayaka agree. Remove Kyubey here.

Good grief! There's even a Touhou version. Here.


Go to Jays' Tee Vee blog main page here. Ifn' ya sees any articles under this 'un, quibcags or no, then yer already there!


  1. Thanks for a witty collocation! You've made my day!


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