Thursday, May 21, 2015

LCL Bath Salts!? You Gotta' Be Kidding Me!

LCL Bath Salts!? You Gotta' Be Kidding Me!

Okay, so I'm cruising through the net and thought I'd take in a look at a "friend"s' blog, Aardvarks Plumbline. At the top, I see:

For Jay Agan

LCL Bath Salts

Well that name looked familiar (Thatsa' me!) and ... LCL bath salts?

SAY ... WHAT!?

Before going any further, I'd like to point out that this "friend", a one Mr. Weatherly Hardy, owner/proprietor/haberdasher of Aardvark Tees, has in the past, chided me about some kind of Rei-phobia he thinks I may have.

While it's true the thought of being turned into a puddle of orange yuck and having my soul stolen by a floating, blue haired, emo chick I find to be a bit unsettling, it's no reason to make fun. It's just I'd rather miss out on the Rei-pture and stay the way I am.

In response to one article I'd written, he chided me about "talkin' smack" on "poor soulless Rei". I have to keep reminding myself to take in the book and movie (The Bridge at Poor Soulless Rei by Thornton Wilder.).

He even once, in my regard to his once having been a "brony", dared to compare his choice of entertainment to my worship of Goddess Haruhi!


Well! ...

Clicking on the "LCL Bath Salts" link brought me to Rocket News 24 with an article titled:

Official Evangelion bath salts are just as crazy and mentally scarring as the anime itself.

Yup! "Second Impact Bathwater" is now on the market.

That's right kiddies! If you can't wait for New Years' Day 2016 to come around (Most Neon Genesis Evangelion chronologies put the occurrance of Third Impact on or around that date. ) and want to beat the rush, you can sprinkle some 'a them there El See El bath salts in the tub and soak away in a wash of Adams' blood.

Down by the old blood stream ... where I first met youuuuu,

Think of all the serene "fun" you can have pretending you're awash in a sea of LCL, being one with the Instrumentality hive mind.

Think of all the not so serene fun you'll have if someone calls EMS thinking you cut your wrists!

Then again, there's the barrel of laughs you could have with this stuff and a "friend"s' swimming pool!

Hmmm ... Can you ward off sharks with this? Maybe not. It's red after all.

Harold Camping take note! You too Mr. LaHaye!
And all the rest of you rapture bunnies out there!

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