Monday, August 18, 2014

Late Shift: A Semi-Creepypasta

Late Shift: A Semi-Creepypasta


Jay Agan

I work the late shift ... night.

We carry radios at work. Communication with co-workers and all.

There's a policy against idle chit chat so only business about maintenance and cleaning is allowed. As such, it's relatively quiet over the air even on a busy day. At night ... well ...

It's absolutely dead. Even with a partner somewhere else in the building, you can go whole nights with nary a single word spoken over the air. It's not so bad ... most of the time.

Two nights out of the week it's just me and no one else. Staggered days to cover the weekend.

Every so often, you hear the radio on your belt let out a hiss and ...

I can't help but wonder. It's late. Sun is long gone and the shadows are way long. Lights off and gloom all around.

You're busy sweeping/mopping, the radio gives a hiss ... and nothing more is heard.

As if someone just keyed the mic ... Why?

Someone going to make a call out and change his mind? Accidentally brush the xmit button against something? Dropped the darn thing? Or ...

Accident? Trouble ... of some kind? Help needed?

Some ... ONE ... out there ...

Some one out there ... what ...

In another building? Just outside the one I'm in? Maybe ... already inside ... in the next room or ... a few feet away.

Watching ...

Waiting ...

I gotta' stop watching those darn movies.


Story copyright © 8-18-2014 Jay Agan

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