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In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Nine of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

In Gods' Good Time


C V Ford

Chapter 9: Summit Conference

The three young women, coming out of Class B, Yuri decided to good naturedly needle Shiina.

"Y'know Shiina," the front leader began, "there's something I noticed about that old foreigner."

"Oh?" Shiina showed no emotion being in no mood but for the business at hand.

"He seemed pretty impressed with you. You gave him quite a jolt. I could see him flinch from the office."

"Impressed ... yeah ... right." She was still kicking herself from having been spotted over an hour ago. "He still caught on to me earlier."

"All the same, he wants you in on the talk," a faux wicked grin lit up Yuris' face. "Y'know Shiina? I ... think ... he ... likes ... you."

"That's just so ... disgusting!"

Seeing the ninja not in any mood for humor, Yuri switched back to tactical mode.

"All front members should be clear of the area now."

"Spread the word as instructed," said Yusa.

"Yes!" Shiina brightened up noticeably. "Just say the word and he's-"

"Doubt it will come to that," the leader paused, "'least you're in a better mood now."

Shiina instantly switched back to dead pan, the three walking the rest of the way in silence.


Many thoughts ran through the head of Jack Duffy in the past 60 plus minutes. The one at hand was:

"These ... are ... so ... OBVIOUS!"

He figured she wouldn't have only the tracker and scout with her. Nakamura didn't strike him as one who would leave herself at a tactical disadvantage.

Looking toward the cafeterias' front, he noted the big Matsushita at a far table acting for all the world like he had no knowledge of the meeting and had just happened to be there. Would have been hard to hide him. Would also have been more convincing had he been sitting at their usual tables.

Every so often, a tri-S uniform would appear, walking by as if in passing. The volume of their traffic rather noticeable. Duffy was also sure some "non-aligned" might be sprinkled about the milling customers.

That TK stuck out like a handful of sore thumbs. "Dancing" up to Matsushitas' table, giving an unintelligible greeting then "dancing" off again. The Sakaki girl he noticed sitting a few tables back in a regular uniform. No doubt, other "Q ships" floating about.

The American sighed to himself. He knew he would be putting himself up against a stacked deck, but that was the way the situation had been from the beginning. No use thinking how he could have handled it differently. Things had to have come to a head sooner or later. Thoughts of John Waynes' character toward the end of The Shootist (1) came to mind.

"Well," he mused, "... if they kill me, I might 'pass on'. Troubles'd be over. Maybe really be dead this time."

Not without a fight of course. The guns and knife felt reassuring under the suit jacket.

And there they were, noon sharp. Penny Dreadful, Ma Bell and ... the Dragon Lady.

First thing took him by surprise. Yuri and party strode up to where Matsushita sat. A low key arguement seemed to be in progress. Two normal clad figures from a farther table got up and walked over to the squabbling foursome, one with a sword. Fujimaki and Oyama.


"... we were only worried Yurripe," Matsushita countered. "Y'know ... just in case!"

"In case nothing. I said Shiina, Yusa and I'd handle it." Yuri half grinned. "Not like we wouldn't be coming back. Besides, Shiina'd carve him up if he tried anything."

Yuri looked down a moment and sighed, The giant and the others more than cared. As she did them.

"And you two!" Oyama and Fujimaki cringed visibly. "Take the 'enforcer' here and get to the office.

We'll tell you all about it later. Oh yeah! Untie Noda when you get there and make sure he stays put. Don't want him charging in while we're talking-"

"C'mon Yurripe!" Fujimaki pled pointing the foreigners' way. "Just look at the guy ... He doesn't look like he's in any mood for talking ... I mean ... Geez! He looks like an undertaker!"

Yuri side glanced Duffys' way. The gaijin went all out in that dark three piece suit. She also noticed that while the dress pants covered the lacings well, there was no mistaking the sole and heels of the heavy black combat boots he was wearing.

"You got anything against burakumin (2)?" Yuri joked trying to keep down the tension in all including herself.

"You know I don't. Hell, some of us are."

"I appreciate your concern guys but we'll handle it from here ... Now GO! And grab TK on the way out. We saw him ducking into the mens room on our way in."

The three would be backups shuffled to the doors. Seeing them leave, the three women scanned the rest of the large room. Slowly, the tall girl behind and two other "fake outs" from other points in the place, Hinata and Takamatsu, got up. Leaving, they aimed not too friendly glances toward the black clad foriegner.

Yuri muttered a quick "thanks guys" under her breath. Never had she such friends as these when alive.

"I swear, Shiina ... They must have got together right after we told them to back off and cooked this up."

"It's just so stupid!"

Yeah ... morons ... all of them (US!). Sure would be lonely without them. She'd be damned(?) if she would let God take them ... or anyone else. To ... where?

On nearing the table, the now relieved American stood up. Yuri stiffened a little then relaxed. No, not a square off. He was just being polite.

He bowed slightly and offered his hand across the table. ("Oh! They're into handshakes aren't they?") She and Yusa returned the courtesy.

Shiina only watched. The ninja wasn't going to take her eye off him for a moment. Jack couldn't recollect her from ANY of the blog pictures. The kid truly was a "stealth" member.

"You seem to have quite a loyal following Ms. Nakamura."

"They can be useful, if sometimes a little over enthused."

"Friends are always valuable."

"Yes ..." Yuri glanced over the tables' surface. Along with his characteristic clipboard and pens were a pitcher of water and glasses, not of the cafeterias' plastic "crockery" ... And four Cokes!

"Haven't seen any of that in a while."

The Cokes told her more about his situation in volumes. Proof positive that he didn't arrive with just school provided clothes on his back like she and the others. Non regulation clothes, binoculars, stationary, armed to the teeth and ... soft drinks! ... What else could he-

"Thought we'd get started on the right foot." Duffy was glad about the Coke. He bought a couple cases on impulse a few days before finding himself in this weird place.

"Might take more than that to get what you want."

"I think I'm a little old for you hon, " Duffy grinned, refraining from cracks about Hersey bars and "love you long time".

"Ya got THAT right!" Yuri laughed picking up the bottle and examined.

"If half the stuff spooky girl told me is true, then poisoning you would only put a bad taste in your mouth. I can ill afford that."

"Heh ... spooky girl," Yuri smiled more. "That's her all right."

The three sat across from Jack, Shiina off to Yuris' right, Yusa with notebook, to her left.

Formalities over, Yuri took a sip of the Coke and got to the point.

"I was told you have questions. As you're the first ... uh ... non-Japanese (An American at that!) so do we ... You want to go first?"

As Shiina switched Cokes on him, Duffy proceeded cautiously. This was intro only and he didn't want to give out too much info. Not until he knew more of the general situation and had no doubt in his mind where he stood.

"All I've gotten to know is only from what I've observed and what this ... uh ... Angel as you call her, told me. I wonder if she was being straight with me."

"As straight ... and brief ... as she CAN be," Yuri replied.

"Doesn't say much. You have to ask the right questions to get what you want."

"What DID she tell you?"

The man carefully gave a brief run down of the previous days' conversation.

"Yeah," Yuri said. "Pretty much the standard stuff in a nutshell."

"'As far as it goes', right? More to it?" Jack asked, fishing for her version.

"Yeah, you could say there's more."

"Like to hear it."

"Hmm," Yuri said quizickly. Stalling, hoping Duffy might reveal something more of himself. "Where to start ..."

Credit: Yaichiko on Deviantart.

"Well," he smiled, "... you might tell me what it is with you and the S.O.S. Brigade. I-"

Yusas' breaking down into a coughing fit in an effort to suppress laughter brought the session to an abrupt halt. She had been quiet up to that moment, taking notes and along with Shiina, staring intently at Jack, much to his discomfort. Now ...

"You all right hon?" A look of concern on the mans' face.

Yuri, hand on face, looked down at the table shaking her head, vainly suppressing a smile.

"That stupid little show (3)," she thought. "His file does say he's into movies. He might be familiar with some ... anime? He'd best not-"

Yuri snapped to, face visibly twitching to keep from smiling. "So now it gets nasty!"

"Well," Jack affected mock innocence, the sound of Yusas' gasps punctuating, "what ARE you calling it this week?"

"Anything but THAT! It always seems to end in Battlefront though. And whatever you do ... DON'T  ... call me Haruhi!"

Yusas' sputtering became even more pronounced.

"Not even Supreme Goddess Suzumiya?"

"EXCUSE ME!" The blonde jerkingly got up, leaving the table, clutching her stomach in a vain effort to suppress the muffled laughter. Quickly exiting, sides heaving.

"I take it she's the type who bottles things up ... lets the pressure build..."

"Pressure's a big thing here."


Yusa staggered 'round the corner into the hall, bouncing off Matsushitas' considerable frame, TK catching her before she could hit the floor.

"Oh God! Yusa!" Matsushita more than concerned. "If he's hurt you or ... I'll-"

"NO! ... gasp! ... cough! Nothing ... nothing wrong!"

The group was slowly halfway to Class B when they decided to disobey orders and turned back, Noda could survive being bound a little longer. They were in the process of sidling up to the entrance to the cafeteria when Yusa literally ran into them. She now stood, stooped down, hands alternately clutching her guts or knees, shaking with half suppressed laughter. The bunch were astounded. This was not the unsettlingly quiet, poker faced, observer they were used to.

"Yusa!" Hinata exclaimed. "Clue us in!"

"What's goin down!?" TK

She straightened up with a start, now serious.

"This ... is ... so ... beyond ... DUMB! It wasn't even funny ... Why am I ..."

Swiftly turning, hand out to ward off questioning and fast walked back inside.

"Gotta get back ... negotiations!"

"Just gonna take a look," Hinata said."Back in a sec."

He followed the girl back in. Stopping just past the dining area entrance he watched as Yusa strode purposefully to where their leader and the others sat. Seating herself, she crossed her arms and resumed staring at the smiling American. Yuri, on her part, changed from a look of amusement to that of concern.

"I'm OK!" Yusa cut off both before either could ask. Yuri knew better than to and Jack covered his grin.

"From what I gather, you and your group seem to have a disagreement of some kind with this ... uh ... Angel."

Yuri shuddered inwardly, holding back any sign of reaction. The foreigners' sudden direct statement hit hard, setting the mood for the sessions' remainder.


Over an hour later he watched the three young women leave the cafeteria. Angel, who had informed them afternoon classes already started, stood by also watching.

It surprised Duffy when the trio "docily" excused themselves and got up to leave. From what he gathered from Yuri, it was all out warfare, and yet ... He concluded there had to have been some "mutual" agreement as to when/where to fight and not to. Time and place for everything.

That hour talking with Yuri was a lot if not everything. It was as Angel had told him from before and then some. Jockying back and forth they wheedled as much info they could from one another.

That kid sure had it in for God ... Buddha ... whatever. The bitterness was palpable not only from Yuri and the blonde but from the always silent Shiina as well. As they talked he gathered most, if not all the sentient souls here had quite unhappy, even tragic, lives. Yuri in particular.

He thought on his own. Yes ... he had his ... "issues".

"Did you find what you wanted?"

Jack turned to the tiny white haired girl. It was the first time he heard HER ask a question.

"That and more. Only opened up for further questions. A few I could ask of you ..."

"Sometime later. Afternoon classes have begun."

She turned, leaving the same way as the others. Good thing too. Jack noticed TK and Takamatsu watching. Wouldn't have looked good if Kanade immediately sat to talk. They might think he was relaying newly aquired info about them to her.

He gathered up the articles from off the table, putting the glasses and pitcher in a box he had under the table. Reaching down, he noticed one of the Cokes (Shiinas') hadn't even been opened. Come to think of it, she hadn't even touched the water.

It had been an interesting "give and take", each alternately trying to extract info from the other.

When asked about the interesting hardware from the night before, they clammed up. When asked about his he only stated about how he built his collection up over time. The three seemed rather interested in that answer.


"So he actually 'brought' his own possessions with him!?" Takamatsu seemed baffled. "Intrigueing, but how?"

"I couldn't ask him direct," Yuri answered. "Didn't want to raise any more suspicions than he already has. According to him, he 'passed out' in his apartment and later woke up in it. For all he knew,  he was still in his own country until he looked out the window."

With the exception of Shiina, all battlefront members present, leaned forward with undisguised, intense curiosity.

"You guys were no help hovering around like you did. He had an excellent view of the cafeteria entrance."

"We were only worried Yurippe," Hinata voicing concern. "We couldn't just leave you three there with him."

"All the same, he couldn't help but notice you guys watching from afar. I appreciate the concern but you've all gone TOO far. I swear, you're just too protective!"

"As for the subject at hand," Takamatsu steering the conversation back. "From what you say, he has his own weapons as well as personal effects ... His whole ... um ... 'house' so to speak?"

"Like he simply just 'moved' here ..." All eyes on Oyama seated a safe distance from Yuri though not so safely next to Fujimaki.

"... Though not like he wanted to or anything ..."

"Out of the mouths of boobs," thought Yuri.

"Wanted to or not, he's a threat!" Noda, still smarting from having been previously restrained, was in no mood for moderation. "And I say we do something!"

"Actions speak louder." TK

 "He hasn't acted in an aggressive fashion," Takamatsu said. "If he is an enemy, he's acted very restrained considering ..."

"That's 'cause he's still scoping us out!"

"As we have him," said Yuri. "From what I gathered from our conversation, he's not what you'd call happy. He seems just as curious and puzzled as any of us were when we got here."

"Yeah?" Noda wasn't one to stop pressing. "What about his running to watch us on our last operation or how he contacted you direct? I wouldn't call any of that non-aggressive or confused. Sounds hostile to me."

"Or ... American ..."

Oyama felt the weight of all eyes on him. He stiffened, anticipating the Fujimaki arm strangle that didn't come. Looking up at the desk he saw Yuri intently staring at him, the room quiet.

"Go on." The curiosity of the leader behind the desk was piqued.

"Well ... we know what a strange bunch they can be ..."

"Aaaand ..."

"We ... read them wrong a lot ... uh ... What we call impolite ... they're actually trying to be friendly ... Some of what we think aggressive and rude ... they're only being curious. They're more direct, impatient and impulsive."

"Not unlike some folks we know," Hinata sighed doing a sidelong glance at Noda.

Yuri found that by not answering in some situations prompted some to talk on, revealing more. This seemed to work with Oyama.

"... They let their curiosity move them more than we do ours ..."

Matsushita, who has been silent up to this moment interjected. "He could have opened up on us that night-"

"Shiina woulda' cut him but good!" Noda loudly declared.

"He didn't know she was right on him. So as far as he was concerned he had a free shot ... LOTS of free shots."


"Even if he did know he was being followed right then, he didn't know our "shadow girl" is as good as she is or that she was even right there next to him. From what Shiina told us later it looks as if he could have taken at least half of us out if he chose were she not there."

"What about Yusa?"

"All he did was grab my phones," the girl in question answered. "It's not like he beat me into submission ... Never laid a hand on me. Was even apologetic about it."

"As all's said," Yuri took over, scanning the room. "I'd say we still have justified suspicions but I don't think we need to go baka on him for now. If he wants to talk with any of us, we be courteous, polite. Don't shun him, but don't seek him out either. If he remains distant we may have reason to take action. If he's as curious and friendly as Oyama says he might be, he'll come to us.

"It goes without saying that anything he says to ANYONE gets relayed HERE."

"C'mon Yuri," Noda wasn't about to give just yet. "He's an obvious threat. I say we vote on it!"

Yuri looked about the room, noting the look on each Battlefront members' face.

"I think you'd lose that vote," Takamatsu whispered to Noda.

Noda only glared.

To be continued ...

Credit: Dark Shadowski at Deviantart.

1. In his last film, The Shootist, John Wayne plays an aged gunfighter dying of cancer. Rather than die a miserable, lingering death, he decides to go out fighting. He arranges to "have it out" in the local saloon with three adversaries who are eager to take him on for their own separate reasons (Reputational, professional, and vengeance.).

The film was quite appropriate for Wayne as he himself was having his own personal battle with lung cancer. Wayne died from the disease two years after the completion of this film.

2. The Burakumin are the hereditary "untouchable" caste  of Japan. Both Buddhism and Shintoism regard anyone working with "dead" things (Meat cutters, tanners, morticians, etc.) as spiritually unclean. Though genetically/racially/ethnicly Japanese, centuries of discrimination relegated such people to the fringes of society.

Interestingly, the majority (60-80%) membership of the various Yakuza (Mafia type.) organizations are of this underclass. In their efforts to break out of the enforced poverty resulting from their caste system, many individuals turned to lives of crime over the years.

Though discrmination has been greatly reduced over time, it is still problematic in some eastern areas of the country.

3. The S.O.S. ({S}preading Fun and Excitement All {O}ver the World With Haruhi {S}uzumiya) Brigade is the name of a fictional after school club in the anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The show itself is about a girl who is (unknowingly) ... GOD! At least that's what a faction in an organization of espers observing her think she is. Her friends must see to it she NEVER finds out or the universe goes in the tank.

Some critics have compared it to Angel Beats due to some superficial similarities. In actuality, it's more like Serial Experiments Lain (Another you should watch.) being played for laffs.

For those who have never seen this show, by any and ALL means ... see it! Ostensibly a silly high school comedy but is much deeper with all its' twists, turns and convolutions. It's an existential/theological head trip that actually makes you think.


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