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The Endless Eight Of Haruhi Suzumiya: C'mon, It Wasn't THAT Bad!

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                The Endless Eight Of Haruhi Suzumiya: C'mon, It Wasn't THAT Bad!


                                                                    Jay Agan

      When Endless Eight was broadcast & later put to disc, a LOT of fans were not happy. So much so I understand Aya Hirano & some folks at Kyoto Animation made an apology. But was it as bad as all that? I disagree.

      Those who saw the initial broadcasts in Japan & on the net "gave warning". Others, after the discs came out, had their gripes too. Wether one saw it in "bite size" pieces of an ep or two or all at once (Masochists!), the howls & whines were uniformly strident.

      "It's too long!"

      "It's all the same!"

      "My brain hurts!"

      Yeah. They all complained. But they STILL watched it. There had to have been SOMETHING about it they liked.

      Then there's me. I like it. Not all at once though. As I got my copy of the "second season" months after the controversey died down, I was "forewarned" & knew what to expect. Thus was able to relax & "take it as it came".

      Aside from the superficial differences ("Camera" angles, outfits, minor variations in dialogue, etc.), there were the "executions". The first ep. being a nice, happy story of some kids having a blast of a summer vacation then subsequent eps "deteriorating" into Hitchcockian or Stroheim-like, semi-surreal madness at points. Sometimes even seeming noirishly "dark". It was "deja vu all over again" & again & again. With the characters being slowly ground down &, in Kyons' case, to despair towards the end of the last ep.

      There was definite room for improvement. Fewer episodes. Dialogue varied more. Events replaced with others &/or the order of them changed. It could be the directors may have been instructed to stick exactly with the script but given lee-way on everything else. A little more "flexibility" would have been nice.

      A few years from now this may become a "cult classic". The story arc everyone HATED but watched anyway.

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