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Angel Beats Redux

Itsumo hitori aruiteta Furekaeru to minna ha tooku .....
                                                     Angel Beats Redux


                                                                       Jay Agan

     This article is about what I'd like to see done with Angel Beats & is written from the perspective of one who has seen the series only. I'm an anime fan in that I like/watch these movies/series & that's it. I'm not into books, magazines, models/figurines, manga, nick nacks or any other off screen ephemera associated with anime. If there are any "holes" in this article this is why.

      I want to pretend episode 4.5 never happened. Yui supplies more than enough "energy" for the SSS. Surprisingly, TK wasn't all that hyper in comparison to the rest of the gang.

      Drop the Guild. Peripheral at best. Except for episode 2, the group isn't seen except for one or two individuals "in the back ground" so to speak.Yuri & Takeyama seem proficient with tech. Perhaps they could "procure" supplies (Though no where near as good as Kanade.). "Getting rid" of the guild could free up some time for another characters' back story.

      Essential backstories:

      Hinata- Main secondary protagonist. Need to know.

      TK- I actually like this character, mainly because he's underexposed (In an American production he'd not only be THE main character but would also be obnoxious, LOUD, & "just too kool". In short, a jerk.) What was he like when alive? One of the uncool kids at school? A fan of "all things American"? A frustrated rocker? It would be nice if he'd mutter a less "vague" phrase now & then (The mumbling father figure of Hanna Barberas' Hillbilly Bears show would say a "coherent" sentance every so often.)

      Shiina- Too much of a mystery girl. Is her skill as a "ninja" a reverse of having been picked- on/abused while living or inadequacey as a martial artist? Why the obsession with "cute" things? Did she have bad luck with pets?

      Naoi- Yes, we already know his backstory. But how did he get his expertise in hypnotism?

      Why no revolvers? All I saw were semi-autos (I never liked the trigger pulls on Berettas & schlocks ..... er Glocks. Too mushy out of the box.).

      Essential disappearances:

      Have the "rapture" of GiDeMo, along with Yusa, separate from the en-masse "catching away" in ep 12.

      TK, Shiina, Noda at least. The rest of the SSS "fighters" in a separate mass exodus?

      Again, I realize there other media connected with this series & thus some of the same or different info would be there. My main interest in my movie hobby are on the films themselves, with anime being a comparitively small part of it.

                                                          Article copyright © Jay Agan

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