Sunday, January 27, 2013

Haibane Renmei: The Beginning of the World

... When God awoke, the haibane were already floating in the sky ...

Haibane Renmei: The Beginning of the World


Sumika, Nemu, & Rakka

There was a book with that title in the library a long time ago but it's discarded now. An old & crumbling book. Only the first few pages were legible. Sumika & Nemu racked their brains to come up with the rest of the story. The title was the only hint Rakka needed ...

When God took into his hand the halo glowing over his head & held it high, it became the sun.

God waved his staff & the nothingness was ripped into two. One part forming the sky. And the other the land.

However, His hand was not straight. Thus creating mountains & valleys.

God said, "it was a mistake. But it's just as well."

When God drew pictures on the land, grass & trees grew & birds & animals came to life.

God then envisioned creatures that looked almost like Himself. But these creatures were too similar to Himself & that gave him some concern.

So He colored their wings charcoal gray & made holes in their halos & named them haibane. Then He tucked them away in the back of his mind.

After that, God started over & created human beings that did not have wings or halos. And this time He was satified with His creation. Completely content God ...

God, despite his omnipotence, fell asleep. The haibane, who were destined to be erased, were able to escape from his mind. When God awoke, the haibane were already floating in the sky.

However, ever tolerant of mistakes, even his own, God decided to let the charcoal feathers & their tiny world be.

So that is why the town of Gurie is still floating somewhere today. Somewhere that is neither on the land nor the sea.

The haibane of  Old Home. L-R: Hikari, Nemu, Reki, Rakka, Kuu, & Kana.


Don't know if anyone ever posted this before so I gave it a go. Episode 5 of Haibane Renmei is almost a stand-alone ep. I pop it in the player every so often just to view the above "Genesis" segment.

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Disclaimer: The preceding is an excerpt from episode 5 of the anime series, Haibane Renmei. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, places, images, dialogue & events shown/mentioned here. They are the sole properties of  their original owners. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of their products.


  1. It was always sweet how Rakka made sure to put in a nod to Nemu, who always fell asleep in the library. It's a bit dark, too though; my personal interpretation is the cocoon dreams reflect how each of them died, and I've always wondered if Nemu overdosed on sleeping pills. The haibane as mistakes may be more of how they think of themselves, too.

    1. Well, Nemu did start the "Genesis" story off.

      Sleeping pills? Maybe it was 'ludes.




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