Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Pornfic of Haruhi Suzumiya: A Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Fan Fiction Story

Oh c'mon! This could mean ANYTHING!

Porn!? On this blog? Please read before jumping to conclusions.

The Pornfic of Haruhi Suzumiya


C V Ford

"So ... Kyon ... Ya' wanna'?"


Rip! Tear!


"Sorry ..."

Swoosh! Crash!


"Uh ... sorry-"

"Shut up! Go on!"

Tug! Pull!




Swish! Scrape!



"You sick bastard!"

"You seem to be getting into it."

"Shut up and keep going!"

"Okay and ... here it is."

"So big!"

"That's the way I got it."

"We know what it's about, so skip the preliminaries and let's get it on!"

"Alright ... Here goes!"

Sliiiiide ... whump!

"Nnngh! ... Damn you, Kyon! Go easy. Be ... gentle."


Heavy breathing.

"And stop breathing so loud!"

More heavy breathing.

"You're still doing it."

"Can't help it. Has that effect on me. You too-"

"Whatever, keep going!"


"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! ... Here we go!"

"Me too! Oh yeah! Alright!"

"Mikuru! Mikuru! ... OH! ... MIKURU!"


"I mean Yuki! ... NO! ... I mean ... Haruhi! Haruhi! ... Yeah! That's it! Haruhi!"


"Can't help it. Can't even remember my own name when I'm getting into it."

"Why did you stop Itsuke?"

"Oh! Sorry ... Oh ... Funneeeee!"

"Well, at least we're still connected."

"Let's try something else."

"Ooooh? Interestinnnnng!"

"Plug this in there."


"Mm hnnn!

"Here's the attatchment."

Snap! Click!


"Stick this in here."

"Uh HNNN!"

"Hit the switch ... and ..."

"OH! YEAH! ... Startin' off fast ... ATTA' BABY! ... YES! YES!"

"You know Haruhi," Kyon exclaimed looking at the screen. "Until now, I never thought unpacking and setting up a computer could be so ... stimulating."




God's in Her heaven. All's right with the world.

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-23-15 C V Ford

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